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Originally Posted by neduro View Post
It's mine- 20+mpg, and I can get 6 bikes inside or 3 and still have lots of room for sleeping. Definitely pays for itself in lack of fuel and hotel bills.

Sidi Crossfires
, and I'm darn glad I was. To have the full weight of the bike bear down on my foot when it's at an angle, and suffer no damage to ankles or toes, is pretty impressive to me.

i had 2 bad "could of been worse" situations 2 weeks ago on the same day. one where my foot got twisted. the other where i landed next to boulder and smashed the bottom of my toes.

both times i guarantee i would have broken my foot or ankle with any other boots.

these boots RULE! worth every penny!

and yeah, your van kinda kicks ass. i have a Ford E350 but i wanted the Sprinter. gotta save my pennies for that.
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