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Originally Posted by Grok View Post

I actually thought about a six cylinder version for a couple of seconds. CBX, Valkyrie, and some older Porsches were the only few applications I could think of. Not much of a market there.

I also thought about a modular approach where ports could be added to a base unit. But it got complicated quickly and caused the costs to go up too much.

There was a fellow in Sweden that tuned a 12 cylinder Jaguar (4 Stromberg carbs) using the Harmonizer in a very inventive way. I think I might do a video tuning a Valkyrie with the Harmonizer at some point.

I think you know I was kidding, Grok...

But you know, it's funny you mentioning that 12-cylinder Jaguar. Back in the early '80s we used to actually synch the Weber sidedraft carbs on a 1973 Ferrari 365 GTC/4...

Using three sets of inline-four rack vacuum gauges hung on the back edge of the hood (it hinges forward). We calibrated all 12 individual gauges as best we could from a know vacuum source, making reference marks on each one, and then hooked 'em all up and went to work. Actually, it worked wonderfully, even if it did look rather like spaghetti with all those hoses hanging all over the place...

Thanks for bringing back the memory!



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