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Total weight of the rig

Had a chance to ride my rig over the scale at my local dump and thought I'd share what I found out. With dog and camping gear and a half tank of gas, I rolled in at 1320 lbs.

30% (400 lbs) was on the front wheel, 20% (260 lbs) was on the the sidecar wheel, and the remaining 50% (660 lbs) was on the rear wheel.

Weird that it came out so even at a perfect 30/20/50 split. I measured it both rolling on and rolling off the scale and got the same readings at both ends.

For reference, I think that the rider and passenger, tools, equipment, camping gear etc that I had on board with me when I hit the scale weighed around 450 lbs so that leaves the outfit at about 870 lbs naked (but with panniers and other farkles). Seems reasonable compared to BMW's published dry weight of 550 lbs.
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