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Originally Posted by danketchpel View Post
I see the intake tract as the hardest to solve properly in the long run. It would appear that a custom manifold that re-angles the throttle bodies would go a long ways to solving it but there are still obstacles in the path, it's not simple.
Glad that helps!

The only real trick with the build is the intakes. A decent option that both RepsolRider and a friend had thought of was turning the spine into an airbox. It's airtight minus the aft end, where a nice sized filter could go. Of course, the spine would have to be heavily reinforced, as that are happens to be the weak point, but it'd be nice to have a decent airbox. It's probably easier than pulling and planing the intakes on the head to a different angle. You also get a few degrees if'n you flip the rubber intake boots upside down.

I think what's really important is you "got 'er done" and can find out what other things might be improved or reworked in this process after using it for a while. So far from your initial riding impressions it sounds like it's worth the effort.
Thanks! I'm still REALLY happy wit the results - it's now a bike that's happy just about anywhere... There are probably better bikes, but not at this price point.
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