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Riding in the rain

The last few days have been pretty shitty weather but good excuse not to do anything.
Today Durban had some of the wildest weather they have had in 20 years apparently, ships breaking there anchors and washing aground just up the coast was really strange weather for them so I was told. Sittign around the lodge doing nothing so thought that id go for a ride in it, so get on my bike and go for a ride in it to nowhere. It was blowing an absolute gale and flogging down with rain, why would I go for a ride on a day like that, cause I can. Just love it.
Was great rode around for an hour or two then all the way down the beach front where i usually wouldnt of been allowed to ride as there was absolutely noone down near the ocean, it was deserted so that was nice. The boardwalk is only a few ks long but but its actually very nice, have walked a bit of it but while there was noone around I just got on and rode along it.
Was pretty dry had my boardshorts under my wet weather gear so didnt really matter was a tad coolish but nothing to bad the climate around here is pretty dam good.
Went up to the bike place to get the screen raiser thing for my bike to try and get this wind off my head and neck so picked that up, ill take that over to the dealer at some stage you have to drill through the perspex and was told the Yamaha guys would do it. Went for a bit more of a ride then came home. Just love it
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