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Originally Posted by slowoldguy View Post
Yeah, ghost. I can still have you install mine and I can listen to it purr while I'm on the mend. That's enough reason for me to keep my spot in line. I think i'M ON THE gROUP w BENCH ANYWAY. Oops. Damn broken hand. Damn caps lock. Sorry.
Slow, I would gladly trade you. This broken leg is getting some kind of old. I had a friend come over to ride my GS. She has not been started in a month. I thought it was no big deal to slide her off the center stand and set on the side stand for my buddy to ride. As the bike rolled left and settled down, my weight transferred left, to my broken leg, &*)($!#&#$)&$#!&%^*#%!#%)(&^%$#@ still hurts. I thought I was close to getting back on the bike for some riding. Maybe 2 more weeks (I hope).

I didn't hit a deer but a dirt/rock wall. My last time through hill country I noticed a bunch of deer by the sides of the road. Texas is taking a beating, no rain and 100+ temps.

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