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Originally Posted by LC Garage View Post
Would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge regarding possible transmission gear ratios that would fit into the stock 71-72 Honda SL350 cases, am thinking along the lines of either a lower first gear ratio or higher top end ratio, depending on what is available.

The reason I'm interested is that a friend (OC aka Paul) that has raced Baja and will be again on his 350, had occasion to need a fairly low gear in the silt beds of Baja, but if he gears the bike suitably low would lose a lot of top end speed that is needed, especially on long transfer sections. I am thinking that a granny type low gear for just those boggy occasions and allowing a reasonably tight 2nd thru 5th ratio and top speed or vice versa 1st thru 4th ratios tight and lower with an overdrive 5th gear. These ideas would depend completely on what is available out there and what might interchange or work together in the stock cases. Any ideas anybody??
The bike stays stock!

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