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Thanks everyone for joining in these early days!!

The day before I left Toronto, I was in full-blown 'panic' mode. I was no longer neatly packing items into carefully labelled boxes to take them to my storage space; Instead, I started to just shove everything in sight into garbage bags, and tossed them into the U-Haul van I had rented for the day.

Then at the last minute -- never a good sign -- I decided to mount a 1 gallon Rotopax to my MOD top rack:

Somehow in my rush, I managed to throw away two of the four bolts which holds the rack in place. I didn't want to delay the trip yet again to find replacements; I'd have to ride to Chicago without them, so off I went.

At this time, I'd like go give a big shout-out to Dave (twowheels) and MotoOverland. I emailed Dave about sending replacement bolts from B.C. to me in Chicago. Dave could've just taken my money, but he took time to check stock at Chicago fastener suppliers and sent me the specs for the bolts I needed. He figured I could source them faster and cheaper from a local supplier.

Dave is just that kind of a guy. Indeed, when I first bought the MOD top rack and bash plate, I was ready to PayPal him the full amount when Dave emailed to say that he was about to ship inventory to Toronto, and it could be cheaper if I ordered from a Toronto dealer (saves me the shipping). I'm sure Dave would have made more money had I purchased from him directly (no cut for the middleman), but he looks out for his customers.

Once I arrived in Chicago I was able to get the replacement bolts from Fastenal. I was so happy to finally sort out the top rack, I thought, what what else can I mount on it?

The answer was obvious. MOD top rack and ROK straps make a great combo.

Gratuitous use of adorable baby & Brazilian girl.

Next up: TEXAS!!
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