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Originally Posted by Geoffster View Post
When you look at the unit, you'll see that one of the four corners doesn't have a thermistor protruding through the epoxy. Choosing that pin uses the bike's internal temperature probe.

Going clockwise from the non-thermistor corner is -10, -20, -30.

Don't drop the jumper. You'll never find it. I carry a spare from an old hard drive.
Good news...My IICE Air arrived today.

Bad news...I started off clueless as to how to achieve each of the settings, and have become more confused with each explanation.

BUT. It just occurred to me...JUST as I typed the previous sentence...

Does the jumper "rotate" around the center pin? That is, the jumper will always be fitted to the center pin and to one of the four pins that "encircle" it? If so, Geoffster, your explanation makes perfect sense.

Also: Thanks for the caution about keeping an eye on the jumper...I'm going to try to find a track record at dropping and losing small parts that show up two feet away two weeks later isn't very good.
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