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Originally Posted by anze View Post
Tried to start the bike yesterday and when i turned on the ignition there was no sound from the fuel pump. So I took out the 911gs and tested the fuel pump and it worked. no Errors no nothing. Went to my friend and borowed his controler. Installed it today and I have the same problem. No sound from the fuel pump upon ignition.

Now the question here is. With testing the fuel pump with 911gs does this mean that controler also works?

If it is not the controler thats dead. What is it?

The Battery is full, kill switch is off. The bike is in neutral.



Had the exact same problem you described. Immediately I thought I was the FPC, as I have already had one of these fail, but alas after doing the FPC bypass, the pump still doesn't work, no sound, nothing coming from it when hitting ignition. AND my GS911 doesn't output any error codes regarding the fuel pump. My instinct tells me that the Fuel Pump is failing but my GS911 doesn't confirm it so I'm not entirely sure.

I will have to pull the entire fuel pump out and test it but before I do this I wanted to know if anyone else has any tricks to test the fuel pump. ie. in a previous post, it was mentioned that reversing the +ve and -ve terminals might work to check if the pump is toast or just blocked. Can I connect a 12V battery directly to the Fuel Pump without any concerns that it will cause a problem?? Are there any issues with reversing polarity??

Thanks for any advice.
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