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I put some Fastways on my DL1000 and they were brilliant. They don't have a rubber insert for road use but I imagine something could be made up fairly easily if you felt it necessary.

The system is pretty clever in that the pegs are generic, able to be adapted to numerous different models by way of a tapered collar and adjustable camber bolt. The pair I ordered came with a collar designed to fit an XR50/80/100. In order to get the collar to fit the V-Strom I took it to the local engineering workshop and got them to machine 2mm off the ends. The inside diameter of the collar is a great match for the V-Strom's standard pins (although you will need to replace your existing pins if they aren't perfectly straight).

From there it was just a matter of following the instructions in order to get them mounted. The only drawback is that the camber bolt (adjusted by way of different size shims) doesn't contact the frame completely, but the footing is still very solid. The fit is surprisingly good for something designed for an XR50.

These pegs offer an amazing amount of grip when sitting and the difference when standing on the pegs is incredible. Not only is traction improved but the extra width gives a lot more confidence and comfort when up on the pegs.
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