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Mike, pretty sure bulletproof will want those pipes, but he's been super busy

That's right ladies and gentlemen, our dear old Mr. Bulletproof is hitched.
And as such, is no longer able to part with his money like he used to
(actually he's always been a cheap bastard ).

Even more silly, BP asked if I would take payments for the R5.
Sure I says, at 10pts a month interest.

Points total as of 8/2/11
Bloodweiser - 125 points (including 1 month interest)
Bulletproof - 100 points
SOLO LOBO - 40 points (Thanks buddy!!!)

I'd like to enlist some help with a rule I'm working on
designed to keep this contest competitive and keep costs down.
something like:

Used parts = +1 point for every dollar under $100
New Parts = -1 point for every dollar over $100

What we're trying to do is make it so this doesn't end up being a contest
to see who can drop the most money into their bike.
Do the $ amounts seem reasonable? Should they be adjusted?
I was thinking the new parts tax maybe should start at $150 or something....

This rule probably needs an exception list too; like tires.

Would appreciate some input.
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