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Day 1 of the adventure

The sidecar lessons were great. I really enjoyed the lesson and learned a lot. Of course there is a ton more to learn. I actually got the sidecar wheel off the ground a bit at the end of the lesson, which was pretty scary but now I know what that feels like. I just hope that doesn't happen to often.

The parents on their Harley ready to start this trip


My husband told me about factoring in extra time for stops. We now know why. The first stop was a gas station a few miles from the dealer. In the few minutes we were there a family came up to ask about the bike. The kids sat in the sidecar for pictures and I thought we would never leave.

We left Boxborough, MA and headed to Salem, MA via back roads. Thanks to my amazing husband, we were set up with a Garmin Zumo GPS. Although this was very sweet of him, he may have forgotten how technically challenged I actually am. The software that comes with the device looks great and I really wish I knew how to work it. This trip may go a little more smoothly if so. We ended up driving through a ton of small towns, so it was constant stop and go traffic. My wrists are killing me as well as dads. It was amazing how many people will roll down their window at a red light to ask questions about a bike. This happened often. After about an hour and a half later we were at our destination. Tobi met us in Salem so we could avoid driving in Boston. Thank goodness.

Me and Tobi


After seeing a few of the sites we decided to hit the road again. We do have to put 500km on this bike for the first service before heading South to North Carolina. Little did we know the route was once again going to be stop and go from Salem, MA to Salem, NH. Most of the ride it looked like the bottom was going to fall out. Last thing we needed was a down pour while on the first day of riding a new bike.


We lucked out. It waited until we checked into our hotel. Thankfully.

End of the day one and the stats are: Three kids getting pictures in the side car, four people walking up to talk about the bike, one guy followed us to a gas station to take pictures of it, and one lady hanging out of her truck to give a thumbs up. All in all I say it was an ok day.

Now I have a few questions that maybe some experienced divers may be able to answer. Why does it pull so hard to the left when you let off the throttle? Does the steering get easier? I feel like I am fighting it and I am tired.

All I have for now.

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