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Meeting the crew

Well let me start by saying it took 4 hours to get that photo of mark looking like n adventure stud. If you only knew what we went thru tom get that pix.. I mean how vane.
So wed night I'm packing. Oh bullshit I didn't pack until Thursday morning. Wed night I was drinking captain and coke pretending I knew what I needed on the trip. Thinking, am I gonna like everyone or not. Well to answer that quickly, I'd say it was a perfect crew. We spent 6 nights together and all day romping thru the desert and wilderness and not a sour note was made by anyone. Thank you guys for being a great group. Liked every one of ya.
So Thursday roles around and I start packing, mark says bring the extra gas cans. Shit that's a lot of weight. So I pawn of the emergency gas to Jeff, he has a liter can in his hiding place. Perfect. Sorry mark, the extra weight would have screwed me I think. Gas cans left behind, I'm packed and ready. Jeff and Jesse show up about 3pm mark roles in around 4, and we are off. It was a perfect crew, we had ernies' plan for riding down and we were off. Ernie can plan a ride in my book any day, it was a great route. First night uneventful, camping is always fun with a group of good people. I'll stop here and let someone else carry on. Get ready the days only get sunnier and brighter.
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