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A Little Taste of the Alps. (CH,FL,A,DE,ITA)

A couple of years ago my sister invited me out to Liechtenstein, where she, my brother-in-law, and two of my nephews like to spend the summer away from the mess and the pollution of Hong Kong. I was supposed to take this trip initially back in July 2010 but when my vacation request from work was denied I was forced to move it back another year.

I then got the idea to combine the family vacation with a little riding vacation, so I invited along my buddy Armen and his then-girlfriend-now-fiance Sarah. "Planning" started a year before the trip, but really didn't get in earnest until 6-months before when we started buying plane tickets, reserving rental bikes, etc. It wasn't until a month before flying out that we started making up packing lists and getting down to business.

What it cost?
$1600 - Round-trip plane ticket SFO-Zurich-SFO + travel insurance.
$1400 - Rental for BMW F650GS (+ 1000 deposit)
$1500 - Road expenses (gas/food/motel/tolls/car rentals/gifts/misc)
$4500 Total (or thereabouts)

Not cheap. But well worth it.

We flew out to Zurich on July 9th, and flew back in to SFO on July 22nd. Non-stop both ways (10.5 and 11 hours respectively). From Zurich we rented a car, drove to Liechtenstein,

Our first glimpses of Switzerland, from the car.

First impressions. It was really green. And stunningly gorgeous. Pictures just don't do it justice.

Sarah and Armen (Sarmen henceforth) spent the night at the chalet before driving out to Venice the following day (Armen proposed en route). Sarmen spent a few days in Venice while I hung out with my sister and my nephews.

The view from the chalet in Gaflei, Liechtenstein. Looking southwest towards Sargans, Switzerland.

The chalet.

It was cozy.

Filled with a lot of dead things.
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