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Originally Posted by Sidecar Sunshine View Post
Now I have a few questions that maybe some experienced divers may be able to answer. Why does it pull so hard to the left when you let off the throttle? Does the steering get easier? I feel like I am fighting it and I am tired.
I can`t see your photos but I guess you`ve got a sidecar on the right hand side of the when you let off the throttle,the unpowered freewheeling sidecar will try to 'run around' the bike and thus you`ll get a bias to the left.
It`s not actually pulling to the left but the bias is to veer that way.

Likewise when moving away from a standstill,the reverse situation happens with the static sidecar causing the bike to try and run around the sidecar initially,and needing you to subtly correct for it.

Once you`re used to riding a combo,the 'run around' effect on throttling off can be used to great advantage when corning at speed.

You`re tired because you`re not used to riding a combo and aren`t relaxed.
It`s a physical experience and uses all kinds of odd muscles....I ached in places I didn`t know existed after my first decent combo trip,and that was with me having over 25 years solo experience......a combo is totally different and is ridden in a different way.

As the miles pass and the experience builds you`ll get used to it and start to relax...then you`ll really start enjoying it!

I'd only waste my money if I didn`t spend it on all my bikes......
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