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I'm not familiar with this failure. Only had my 07 GSA for >1 yr. But why not replace the QD top and bottom with a solid 90 degree elbow. Yamabond the threads, flange, and everything else without any Pam to completely bond and seal everything. Then place a sturdy in-line QD downstream a little ways. This may require rotating the exit of the 90 a little given the small amount of clearance between that and the fuel pump cover clamping ring (the one requiring the special tool for removal). If the original fuel line is too short then I would think that a small bit of fuel line could be added between the QD and the new 90 to accommodate that. I would also zip-tie up the new QD to something solid to relieve any stress on the flange.

Feel free to tell me why this method would not work... I may be fighting this very issue some day.
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