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Yeah, these roads were dusty, but damn they were fun...

Around 50 or 60 miles in and after being dusted by 7 or 8 logging trucks, we saw this warning sign...gee, thanks for the tip.

We pulled off to avoid another truck and the follow up van and Ben laughed and said he needed to get a pic. I guess we looked a tad dirty.

It was time for a break. We saw a little road going off with a little creek at the bottom. Very refreshing.
Ben and Jeff explore;

And I make my way through;

Strike a pose...

I think Jeff's helmet is a bit tight.

Alright, enough fun, let's get to Port Alberni...Which way Jeff?
Jeff checks his GPS

I just figured it out the old fashioned way.

Back on tarmac in Port Alberni...I was getting pretty tired...and needed a beer.

Between Port Alberni and Comox lake there aren't too many photos. I can't speak for Ben and Jeff but I was getting exhausted and, I have to admit, a bit grumpy. Using the Backroad Mapbooks, (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) we had located a camp on Elsie Lake and worked our way towards it. Near a fork in the road Ben remembered seeing a camp near Dickson lake, a few miles off the road we were on. I just wanted to make a decision and get somewhere and we continued towards our first destination. We took a wrong turn, just a few hundred yards, and saw our first bear and a LOT of piles of bear scat on the roads. After seeing our mistake, Jeff took a break and Ben and I went to explore. We thought we found it. Since our communication was three way and connected throught Jeff, who was out of range, Ben and I turned around to go get him. I was first around and headed down the trail until I heard Ben's horn....DOH!, he went over. PUSH! and he was back up. At that point I strongly suggested that being in the heart of bear country, we should probably all stay together or at least in communication at all times.

We found Jeff and all headed back to the "campsite". Well, turns out the campsite was actually on the otherside of the ravine and the bridge was out. There was a nice place that we could have camped, but it was miles from nowhere and surrounded by big ole piles of digested bear food...yep, big piles. I voted "push on" and Jeff was a bit nervous about the location too...after a few moments of reflection, Ben too realized this place wasn't ideal.

That turned out to be a great decision. We rode through more clear cutting devastation and thought we got lost, but realized we were fine and finally came upon Comox Lake. According to the map books there was camping at the northern end, but we passed a few unoccupied cabins and Ben suggested we borrow their front yards for camping. The first few we came across had steel cables across the drive, a sign the owners don't want to share. We saw another group of cabins down a steep hill and Ben shot down to explore. I wouldn't have and Jeff wouldn't have but thank god Ben did. This lakeside location was right out of a picture-book.

Our first good view of Comox Lake.

Next up..."Well, this was a GREAT choice"
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