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great ride report, and that was a hell of a nice thing you did for your buddy. it's an odd thing to leave your family, travel to a foreign land on the other side of the world, and hunt an evil enemy who will use as a weapon against you the killing of innocent women and children of his own country. always in war the innocent suffer most, none more so than the children. it's a difficult thing to see, and helping them sometimes leads to retribution and further suffering after you leave. and i think you men in vietnam may have had the same thought that we in iraq have; that at the end of this war, with all it's costs and casualties, that we (the U.S.) will end up with nothing to show for our efforts. but all the soldier can do is put that in the back of his mind, take care of his buddies, error on the side of aggression, and try to get everyone home alive. it would be nice to know that we made a difference somehow.

and i applaud you because you sound like the kind of man who's made a difference in more than a few lives. thanks again for the RR. take care Brother.
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