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alwright, alwright!!!

Remaining items: find smaller adel clamps that fit better and I wonder if the clamps will resisit fatigue from vibes? I picked the ones with the "insulation" as this will help but it might be nice to find some overengineered SS or such for a permanent fix. I believe these should still be checked occasionally but for sure if the tabs break the clamps will catch the toolbox and keep it outa your rear wheel.

Can I get an amen Loaded?

Originally Posted by meat popsicle
A friend told me: why not just put some line clamps over the whole mess and be done with it? good idea sez me...

so after some measuring, looking at adel clamp specs, and saying well, lets just go look, I went to Home Depot and after asking a few employees who just shrugged I finally found a kid who knew his stuff. These were a $1.25 a pack:

I got the smallest ones they had there, 5/8", but even these were a tad too large. My measurements were (without anything fancy so if anyone has calipers and wants to refine this stuff I'd appreciate it! ) 1/2" tube, 3/4" from the center of the tube to the center of the bolt hole in the crappy tabs, and a 1/4" bolt hole (not important).

Just detach the Tool Tube (TM) and slip the clamps over the frame/tabs; in the case of the forward one you must wiggle it between the frame and the fender, but it went for me.

You can see these are too big, but they will help Loaded sleep at night now

Unless there are any objections I'd say this might be problem solved!

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