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3 screen comparison.

i've only had my 800 since may, but i've been through three shields. i'm 6'1" with 32" inseam, i ride with a bit of a slouch. the original owner opted for the low BMW seat when he bought it, that's still on the bike.

1. BMW tall touring windscreen. only had this on the bike for a few weeks. quite frankly i was so jazzed about getting the bike (picked it up from original owner who only put 700 miles on it) you could have stuck a shovel blade up front and i would have liked it. from what i remember coverage was not that good, it basically put a lot of wind right in my face.

2. MRA Vario. this screen did not work for me. wind deflection was pretty good, but the wind noise this thing creates is not tolerable. any speeds above 35 MPH created wind turbulence at my ears which got progressively louder with increase in speed. interstate travel at 80 MPH necessitated earplugs even while wearing my Scorpion EXO 900. all that being said, the screen did a pretty good job at keeping most of the wind force off me. if i were a few inches shorter, this screen would have been a keeper. consider it if you're 5'8" or shorter. for this reason, i'm selling mine. if anybody is interested, PM me. i'll entertain reasonable offers.

3. Cal Sci Large windscreen (19.5"). this option has been the best for me so far. good wind coverage, very little wind noise. the downsides with this shield are it's off road capabilities and visual disturbance. i haven't been able to do much rough terrain with it, but i question it's durability in rough conditions because of it's mounting hardware and overall height. the top edge of the screen is right at eye level.

if i could go back in time i would buy a madstad. for the time being i think the Cal Sci shield is a good option for taller riders. let me know if you're in the market for a MRA Vario. i'll discount mine to a good home since some of the mounting hardware was destroyed (don't ask).
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