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I have been using this fairing/screen for about a week. I'm 5'-9" with a 32" inseam. Here are my thoughts:

~ The wind noise is now effectively GONE. I can hear my engine at any speed now, and I can ride with my face shield up on the highway if I choose to (although the first day I did this a damn wasp commited suicide on my right cheekbone... ow.)

~ there is still some minor buffeting, but I'm still working out the right shield position for different speeds. I think it's going to become a non issue.

~ the shield is easily adjusted on the fly, nice feature.

~ the whole package is well engineered, and really solid once it's all tightened up. No vibration or rattling at all.

~ with the shield right up (looking through it) the optics aren't perfect, especially at the corners. I asked Ian about this and he says he'll replace it for shipping costs if it proves to be a problem. It's not really a huge issue, and he's been great to deal with.

~ the only real issue I have is that it's a bit tight at full lock, the cables etc. are a little cramped. It reduces turning circle a little bit, and since I'm close by I'm going to go down to his shop and let him have a look at it. Maybe I've done something stupid during assembly, as he says nobody else has complained about this.

All in all, I'm really happy. It looks great, the finish is very good, the paint color matches exactly, and it looks like it was meant to be there.

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