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Originally Posted by GoGriz
Very clever solution! Hey, did you pick those up from the electrical department at HD? I would like to go over and pick up some for myself as well...but I don't want to wander all over the store looking for the "kid" who knows his stuff. Now that you've taken one for the team, we can all enjoy the fruits of your labor! Isn't that swell!
wish i could say its all mine but the clamp was my friends idea - glad to be there when he had it!

HD - electrical section, near the conduit stuff. There was a large area of conduit clamps and such, but these buggers were (in this HD) on the other side of the aisle. wish I could be more help... maybe a more specialized shop (electrical supply or sumpin') would be better.

ps - forgot to mention that you might want longer hardware to go thru the clamp hole on the other side; maybe even enough to slip on another nut for those who are still worried.
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