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Originally Posted by Lobby View Post
The better oil temperature management of the hexhead motors is one of the huge reasons to upgrade from an oilhead motor. In my humble opinion.

I hated seeing the bars on my 1150's temp display climb upwards during stop and go traffic. On the 12GS, this doesn't happen.
(2005 R1200GS)

Yes, ordinarily, the temp gage stays below 1/2 on mine, even in slow, heavy traffic like I ran into in the heat on the way to the MOA national (BTW Jim, I looked for you at cyclenutz a couple of times, but you weren't around. next time).

But, in one extreme (and I do not use the term loosely) traffic jam last year, mine did get really hot. Surprised the hell out of me. Pulled over and let it cool down some. Then rode on and it was ok.

So, one in 6 years isn't bad, but it can happen.
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