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So, as I mentioned in the previous post, it was an awfully wet cold and dark winter. The three of us were ready to get to somewhere that had some sunshine. So we planned to head south. Over the winter, I read many ride reports on several forums in an attempt to learn as much as I could about SE Oregon and N Nevada. I went to the library and checked out many many books about the area. I talked to lots of people at lots of places about their trips to the area. Everyone had some information that would turn out to be helpful. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who I talked to in planning this trip. It was a fantastic adventure and without the knowledge you passed on to me, it would certainly not have been so.

The three adventurers are:


Generally the level headed one. He was good at pointing out that we should probably be taking a more cautious approach on more than one occasion. He was generally ignored at that time but occasionally we did heed his advice.

Chuck rides a well sorted white DRZ400


Mr. Fun! Dr. Dan was always ready to have a good time. If it was not fun, it was not for Dan. He also had a knack for making key decisions quickly when Chuck and I were waffling around trying to decide.

He always decided which gas station we would go to or which restaurant we would eat at. Sometimes he had a pretty easy job since there were not so many choices.

Dan rides a well sorted blue DRZ400. In fact, I think Dan and Chuck have bikes that are exactly the same (besides the color), with all the same accessories, the only difference being Dan can go about 40 miles further on a tank of fuel than Chuck. How does that work?


That is me. I did the route planning. This was pretty much my first time leading the group so I really was worried about it. Luckily, Nevada and SE Oregon are pretty damn cool so this was not too difficult. I took lots of pictures. I fixed things when they broke. On the ride, I tend to just go for it without thinking thru the consequences very well. (Just ask Chuck!) I also took care of most of the crashing duties.

I have a 1995 Kawasaki KLX650C. It may be old but it is perfect for this kind of riding.

This shot is actually from a solo Olympic Peninsula ride. Sorry. My wife hates this picture but I was having fun and it is the only one of me that I can find! Everyone digs the hat.
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