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Hi everyone, I'm still trying to get used to riding & taking pictures & blogging. I'll try to catch up a little today.

After Chicago my plan is to make a huge detour: ride south to Texas, but instead of crossing the border into Mexico, I will head northwards again to visit some friends in Colorado, before crossing over to California.

I felt like I'm "behind schedule" so the ride to Texas was mostly on the superslabs. From Chicago it's five hours on Interstate 55 to St. Louis, MO so that's where I headed.

My thought was to overnight in St. Louis, take pictures of the famous Arch before continuing to Memphis. But reaching St. Louis, there was still plenty of daylight left and I didn't feel like stopping. I quickly gassed up and ate before riding for a couple more hours, and ended up at Cape Girardeau, MO.

A moment of weakness (somewhere outside of St. Louis, MO)

The same thing happened the next day. I planned a short, 4-hour ride to Memphis -- to visit Elvis and all -- but instead of stopping in Memphis, I continued to Little Rock, south to the Arkansas/Texas border at Texarkana before finally ending in Shreveport, LA for the night.

Route: Missouri to Louisiana

I didn't know what to expect at Shreveport. Honestly it was a random destination for me. I would have continued past the city, but since night was fast approaching I went on Expedia to find a place to stay and booked a room at Sam's Town Hotel in downtown Shreveport for $67.

Sam's Town like many other hotels in Shreveport turned out to be a Casino. Maybe it was just that night, but I have to say the atmosphere was rather sad. As I walked around the casino, the clientele were mostly lonely old ladies in their mid-60s who blankly fed coins into slot machines hours on end, except for the occasional smoke break.

I did try the 25-cent slot machine. I started playing when this lady picked the seat next to mine. She kept giving me the evil eye, like I'm intruding her casino 'territory'. Then, just like that, I hit jackpot!!! Well not really jackpot but I won $80, which more than paid for the hotel room for the night. The lady next to me left in disgust -- as if I had stolen her luck. Sorry about that, lady.

I'm sure Shreveport is a fine city but the next morning I just wanted to ride on. Before gassing up to go, I stopped by Strawn's Eat Shop to taste their famous strawberry pie. It was admittedly pretty good.

Strawberry pie at Strawn's Eat Shop, Shreveport, LA
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