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I was in traffic for a couple hours, stopped, didn't even think about the substandard cooling of the bike for about 30-45 minutes.. and I mean I was stop stopped dead only moving when someone in front decided to pull a u turn and try to go home.. The road was closed, not jammed. There was a light breeze from behind not getting into that minuscule boxed in oil cooler at all.

Anyway, at about 30-45 min, looked down and it was the first time I ever saw 5 bars, but it was quickly up to 6 and I, not being in any kind of hurry to sit still in traffic, shut the bike down and took a smoke break by the side of the road and phoned into work, etc. Got sick of walking the bike so I decided to take advantage of my decision not to use the typical street touring tires adored by most and cut towards the inside lane and came at the curb as perpendicular as I could and rode the median (as I was making a left and going past the shutdown on=ramp to a small business park, not trying to get down island). Circled the block for about 5 miles before the temp went back down to 4 bars though.

Since then, it likes to see 5 bars occasionally, where as it never used to, even in slow off roading for hours. Maybe the thermostat gets "broken in" or just broken.

As far as synthetic oil transferring heat more readily, I can't find a thing on that. Well, other than other than people in forums. I'm sure snake oil salesmen like amsoil and purple would make claims, but I'll take my claims from people that don't fall for pyramid schemes thanks..
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