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Originally Posted by Jason1202GStime! View Post
Hi Jim,

May I suggest some alternatives to savage the fuel pump flange?

On my 05, I got this problem about 6 months ago on both flange!

What I did was to source for second hand flange and fix both the old and "new" flanges.

When the second hand flange came in(I got it from a guy in UK for less than $120 USD), it also has some cracks forming at the threaded area.

What I did was that I "plastic welded" the cracks line with a soldering gun and re-inforce it with expoxy coating. I use the epoxy to "strengthen" the extruding thread area so that it will be much tougher.

With these two prongs attack on the flange, the flange is still on my bike till today!

But please tale note that no every type of epoxy can withstand the petrol. If the "plastic welding" does not close the crack line properly, it will "eat" into the expoxy in a matter of time.

Hi Jason,

As sugested above, I will be looking for just the top part, but may not be sucessful.

I am also considering making and fitting a collar for the ridge around the female threads. If I can get a tight fit, and use some epoxy, it may solve the issue as well, and much cheaper.

As for the metal insert, it is identical to the plastic one, which may be the reason even the plastic ones fail. There appears to be some pressure put on the raised female portion by the ridge on the insert. Adding a small spacer moves the pressure to the top of the raised female threaded portion, removing the outward stress on the ridge, and forcing the sealing part to the threads. Not ideal, as the insert seems to want to seal on the contact point, think oil drain plug with a crush washer.

Speaking of that, maybe a washer made of semi-hard plastic would be a better spacer than a flat washer? I'll look into that as well.

I'll get some pictures to illustrate what I am thinking soon.

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