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Carb Springs

So in the last installment, I alluded to changing the carbs and using the quick throttle from the donor bike. This particular throttle, with its short throw, magnifies the spring tension and would be a killer on the right forearm. After a lot of thought I decided I did want the shorter throw but would need softer springs. One rider suggested I find some SL175 carb springs, but the local Honda delaer said these were discontinued and I did not find any on ebay. then I decided to try cutting the stock springs to reduce the spring tension. I measured the springs and stock they are 4" long with 10 coils, so after cutting off 2.5 coils they would be approximately 3" long. I knew they would be softer, but would they still have adequate tension to shut the slides properly? Well here goes.....

Stock Springs (dimes are there to illustrate scale, these are small carbs)

Spring comparison after cutting the RH carb spring

After cutting both springs, I reassembled and tested with the quick throttle. Feels better and slides still slam shut when throttle closed, should work fine. Will be test riding Sunday and will have a better idea then.

Still waiting for those rear shock springs, supposed to be here any day now.......
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