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It looks like the crowd is starting to gather. Here is some more!

To start with, I drove down to Chuck’s place to get loaded up. Dan had dropped off his bike and gear at Chuck’s previously. Chuck and I loaded up all the gear and bikes into the van and trailer. You will notice that was Chuck and I who loaded up all the bikes and stuff. Where was Dan? At home sleeping.

We had planned to base camp during the second half of our trip so we ended up bringing down lots of base camping stuff that we did not use. We stayed up later than we should have talking about all the cool stuff we were going to see and how much fun it was going to be.

In the morning, Dan showed up (nicely rested unlike Mike and Chuck who had about 3 hours of sleep). We got in the van and headed out. There is not much to talk about on the drive down other than it had rained all night and rained on us all the way down to Denio Junction and then all that night (oh and Chuck and mike were tired because they had to stay up late the night before loading up all of Dan’s stuff in the van and trailer). We left at about 4am and arrived around 5pm (I think). We were in no hurry. I am sure the trip cpould be done faster but we were not planning to start riding until the next morning anyway.

I love my van. I think Chuck and Dan do too! They were a bit skeptical about it beforehand but it proved itself.

Eastern Oregon and the tiny bit of Nevada that we saw were absolutely beautiful. There is so much to see in the world!

I had a rough idea of the routes I wanted to do but had not had time to create the route to download into our GPS units. I did this on the way down. I used my wife’s laptop (thanks baby!) to plot the routes in Basecamp using a Nevada Gazetteer as a guide. I had the laptop tethered to my phone and then used Google Earth to make sure there was some kind of road or two track or trail where I had plotted the route. This approach worked reasonably well. Unfortunately, you cannot see locked gates from space! I was amazed that we had 3G service in Denio Junction and most of the way down. I was also following the BDS guys on their SPOT trackers live while we were on the road. We were about 30 minutes before the guys who were coming back to Fields. I did most of the Google Earth stuff between Burns and Denio Junction so we had 3G coverage thru most of that. It did drop out from time to time.

We rolled into Denio Junction in the late afternoon on Saturday. We cruised into the bar and talked to Bobby about our accommodations. He handed us a key for Room 1. I filled out a short form and then we went and unloaded bikes and gear. Things are very casual there. It was great. The folks at Denio Junction are fantastic. They halped us out greatly and went out of their way for us. We love them!

Our room soon looked like this:

Actually it looks pretty clean in that picture. Dan is trying to tell me that his little pack weighs as much as mine with 2 100oz bladders in it. Whatever!

I do not have any pictures of our bikes from before we started the trip. We all had new rear tires. I had a 606. I ran 35# in my tires for the whole trip. I was planning to air them down but never got around to it. There were some very very rocky areas where I was happy to have all that air in there. I remember one very distinct moment where I was bouncing thru some extreme rocky uphill section and I thought about how I had 35# in my tires and Excell wheels laced in mad patterns with expensive oversized spokes that cost way too much money so I could just pin the gas and rail on thru. So I did! And I loved it! The bike just hooked up and I was out of that craziness. The front end did push a bit so I spent almost the entire ride standing. The luggage on the back also contributed to the push. I digress…

Our plan for the week was to first take a 4 day loop ride from Denio Junction over toward Jarbidge. We would camp off of our bikes and try to stay off the pavement. Then we would return to DJ, move camp to Bog Hot, and then do some long day loop rides.

Of course plans change…
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