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Rugby with Helen

Got up reasonably early this morning and headed over to the markets where Alexa has her stall. Was really busy she was doing a roaring trade non stop customers which is good. Had a walk around and chatted with Channing for awhile then got a drink and chatted with a lady doing some fund rasing for the local enviroment group, slipped them a few bucks all good its nice to see someone trying to put back into the environment. Left there about 11:30 and headed back to Gateway to buy some new clothes, ive been wearing my one pair of jeans pretty much all the time so thought i might just lash out and get some new gear, im going to have to dump some of the other clothes to make room for it but ive been going out a bit lately and cant always be seen in the same old threads. Didnt have much time to choose as Helen was picking me up at 1 oclock.

Got into Gateway shopping centre its the biggest one in the southern hemisphere so you can imagine its just huge, I would of liked to find some cheaper stuff but in the end time was running short so I just hit one shop which wasnt the cheapest but they had a tailor that could take them up on the spot so that was another issue solved. Spent a fair bit more than I would of liked but the jeans and shirt I got from them were pretty decent and will do me all over the world or wherever I end up. While they steamed my short as it had a few creases in it I ducked downstairs to find a pair of shoes, walked in looked around and bought a pair, back up to get my shirt, back over to the tailor to get my Jeans and im out of there all in about and hour, to easy. Get back to the lodge and Helen arrived so had a quick shower got dressed, 20 minutes after arriving back we are in her car heading to the Wings club to grab a taxi over to Kings Park.

Arrive at Kings Park and have a beer in the club next door and meet up with Selwyn who had my ticket, then we were off into the box to watch the rugby. The Sharks won again so that was all good, they went to sleep in the second half but they smashed them in the first so was never really in doubt. We had a great time everyone was having a great time it was nice to be able to drink, last time I went to the footy with the crew I only had two beers all afternoon. There a funny bunch, cracking jokes, we ended up staying for a few hours after the game we were all getting pretty smashed by then. I remember the last drink JJ poured me it was like a 10 ounce glass of straight scotch ooops this is going to be a big night I thought at the time.

Me and Helen left the the club and headed back over to the Wings club to have a drink and I walked in and straight away Sullivan from the BMW dealership comes up and grabs me saying hows it going. Got on the piss with him and his mates and Helen having a great time, the drinking is so cheap here compared to Aussie its not hard to get stuck in, the price is like 20 years ago over home, Im not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing though. Alexa turned up at the club but this time I couldnt of told you what time it was, we had a heap more drinks doing shots of something, I couldn't even tell you what I was drinking they ordered, I drank, so all good. At one point Alexa had a go at me, well thats surprising ive friggin hammered im always going to make a dick of myself or say the wrong thing when im like that. Dont ask what I said or did, maybe she had come down to take me home and have her wicked way with me and I had gotten drunk, yeah that's got to be it.

Met heaps of people but dont ask me to tell you who they were other than this guy Charles who Helen was talking to, I had a bit of a talk to him. He is into welfare and all that so was nice to hear what he did, ok what was he did again oh well I got his card here somewhere what ever it was it was caring for kids so all good. We decided to hit the Cotton Fields club back up the road so I jumped in the car with Helen and off we went. They have drink driving laws over here but apparently you dont lose your license you just get a fine so the drink driving doesent seem to worry any of them at all It doesent worry me either as long as they dont hit a pole, as if a pole can stop me anyway after the truck tried ok silly I know but you live the moment don't you. Got to Cotton Fields safely without anyone dying, by this time im friggin shitfaced so I did the only thing left to me I ordered a few shots that will get the heart going. From there on it all gets a bit blurry but I ended up in the nightclub next door jibbering on. The same as it ever was in those late night clubs but its ok the piss is cheap.

By this time ive lost Alexa and Helen im guessing they were on the dance floor somewhere your not likely to see me in a hurry im at the bar dribbling shit with the riff raff having a laugh. Ended up leaving there at whatever time and headed out and got a taxi then headed up to the burger joint as I hadn't eaten most of the day, as I say eating is cheating when it comes to getting on the drink, would cost me an extra 100 bucks to get drunk if I ate.

Got home only to realize Helen had my keys to the lodge, oh ok here we go, f(8ked off my head trying to jump a high security wall, ok thats not going to work maybe I can crash through the bush over here, nope more fencing, bloody hell, dam the South Africans and there fear of being robbed. I sought of sat back and chomped on my burger for a few minutes, thats always going to help me think clearer and then I remembered the other day when me and Alexa saved the owls the guy showed me a secret path into his yard next door and with the back fence into the lodge being low'ish, ill give that a try.

Headed around there and im in, yehaaa now to jump the wire fence this shoudlnt be to much of an issue for a strapping young lad like myself ooops hang on, im a pissed and an old idiot so it was stumble stumble, stagger stagger and yep I was over, f&*king hilarious, in a heap on the ground but I was over all the same.

So im in the yard thinking to myself, thank christ they lock up the dogs or id be in some trouble big trouble, walk up to the front door and its open geez thats lucky, i was totally stuffed and sleeping in the garage with my motorbike otherwise, go in chomp on the rest of my burger in the lounge room txt Helen that I am locked out of my room.

She txts back, ill be home shortly, yeah whatever im eating the spare hamburger and grabbing another room key from the office and hitting the fart sack baby. What a day and night fantastic fun and sooooo many laughs even when I got home falling all over myself nothing better than laughing at idiots making fools of themselves., to bad I wasnt on video it would of made a ripper.

Met some great people again I must admit im not at my best when im like that but oh well ring Lifeline or Pizza Hut either way someone will listen to you.

Another day down.

The beautiful Caryn and Tizi were at the football this afternoon as well ummm yes please

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