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Decide to leave Durban

Had a quiet day today just went for a ride to La lucia for coffee with Helen and her friend Jaymie lee, saw Caryn and Tizi down having a coffee, said hello then went off to find Helen. Bumped into Antwon from the other week as well, he came over and said hello and then went off and joined his mate.

Left the coffee shop and went and bought a book, 150 years of South African Rugby for JJ to say thank you for inviting me into the box at Kings Park over the last few weeks, gave it to Helen to give to him just in case I'm out of here without seeing him again. While we were sitting there enjoying our coffee and walking through the mall I seemed to bump into quite a few people I had met over the last few weeks and Helen said to me you know more people around here than I do and I've lived here all my life, we both had a laugh it was just a coincidence that a lot of the people I had met all over the place where there this morning.

After our coffee I said my goodbyes to Helen jumped back on my bike and went for a ride to nowhere, ended up down the beachfront again and hung out down there for while, the new wind screen extension works a treat going to make riding on the highways so much better, paid all my bills up for my accomadation to Vern so the day is coming that I will leave Durban as much as I love it here.

Strangely today im really missing my little guy Logan ive been so good with protecting myself from mising the little fella but something just got me today, dont know what it was but was really difficult little time, maybe it was cause I was thinking of leaving here and leaving Channing as well brought it all home. I ended up back at the lodge just blogging listening to some music just chilling out, I havent been sleeping to well lately my neck and back are giving me grief but oh well tell someone that cares.

Went for a walk down the waterfront again, on dusk this time, it really is nice here, I love it but while i was there had the feeling it was time to go again, so decide i did and tomorrow im leaving Durban. Txt Alexa and Helen with my decision and Alexa said straight away well come round for dinner. I really will miss her and Channing ive really enjoyed spending time with both of them.

Sat down for a nice roast dinner which was really nice and had a chat for awhile and then headed off at about 8 to come home and pack the bike up. Was a bit sad to say goodbye to Channing we've had alot of fun. Left Alexa's and Chris's place she certainly doesent hold back on the hugs, she was a little sad so i gave her Channings new catch phrase harden up princess, im sure everytime that gets said in that house ill be thought of we certainly had some fun, ill miss you guys.

The only other person i havent mentioned in my blogs lately is Caryn, I know I would of liked to get to know her better but that wasnt to be, we had such a fun day and night together the other weekend then have txt back and forwards for the next fortnight but never hooked up again. I used to say it takes 2 weeks for every year your with someone to go out on another date after you break up, well that means after my few weekss in Durban it should only take me approximately 90 minutes to get over ummm whats her name, only joking.

Oh well as they say in the good book Next!!!! Chicks cant live with them and pass the corn chips.

Packed it all up ready to almost now its 11:30 im going to try and go to sleep so i can get up at a reasonable hour and hit the road to somewhere.

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