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Durban to Sani Pass

Left at around 10 after saying my goodbyes to Vern and Mickey she was having a cry, made me cry a bit ok, I wasnt crying i had something in my eye, they really are nice people and ive enjoyed my time with them so much.

Alexa had come around a bit earlier and gave me another bear hug, got to love her cuddles, squeeze the living shit out of you, Im going to miss her and Channing have I mentioned that yet
Went down the waterfront for the last time ive really enjoyed my time here and will miss Durban but had to make a move eventually. Went down to La Lucia to pick up my sunnies which I had left with Caryn so that was the last thing I had to pick up that I had left around, then it was time to hit the road.

Was just going south didnt have anywhere in mind just ride till I felt like stopping. Had done an hour or so and was getting thirsty so stopped at a service station for a drink and fuel. While I was there Brad came over and said hi and asked where i was heading and I just said I dont know that way somewhere and pointed down the road, he said you got to go ride the Sani Pass so that was it, I was going there. I did have that on my sort of agenda but hadnt even looked at where it was on the map in conjuntion to where I was and were I was heading.

Brad wrote all the turn offs etc and off I went to the Sani Pass. While I was at the servo a crew of heavily armed cops came in with machine guns obviously protecting something or someone. I thought id grab a photo and as I did one of them came over to ask me what I was taking pictures of. I just said just you guys its not something we see in Oz, he asked me to delete them so I tried. All very friendly mind you. You know how those guys can be about someone taking pictures. He asked me where I was going said down the N2 to the Sani Pass and off he walked. Got on my bike at the same time as they were leaving, three cars, one van and I think a Range Rover but I couldnt be sure he was with them, but by the way he sped past then came behind he was the undercover part of whatever they were doing.

Got going along the N2 and they went past me, all of them waved as they bolted past so I hooked onto the convoys and followed them. Nice having a cop car on the wrong side of the road ahead of you with his lights flashing makes for easier overtaking. Cruising at around 120 to 140 so was making good time with these guys. Followed them for about 80 k's so, was a good quick trip to the next turn off.

Brad had told me about a little pink church to look out for and as I was going along I was thinking to myself have I missed it, well when I found it you soon realize you couldn't miss it, it's this little old church painted in bright pink, it sticks out like dogs balls so this is where I'm meant to turn so ok turned off there onto a dirt road followed that for a few k's then turned right to Underberg , cant remember how far Underberg was exactly maybe a 100 k's, whatever it is its not to bad a road, a few pot holes but nothing to worry about, actually hit one while I was overtaking a copper on one stretch that was funny what do you do sit behind them all day long.

Got into Underberg and got some fuel and had KFC for an early dinner, the chicken burgers over here in KFC are so much better than home, tomato lettuce on them just not a chicken fillet and a bun with sauce.

Headed to the next town where Brad had told me stay which is only a few k's down the road. Got into Himeville, nice little town sweet f%^k all here but its got a really nice feel to it kids out in the streets playing no security all over the place like other towns, the snow capped mountains in the background, very nice. Went to a few places, first one no one home and ended up just down the road and staying at the Arbuckle B&B only 350 a night so cheap.

Will ride the sani Pass tomorrow, that should be fun.
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