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Replace 2001 Dash with newer one...

The plastic nubs that hold the dash onto the mask have broken off one by one on Legs. The first couple ones I screwed and glued them back on, but the third one broke and it was time to replace the dash. You can see the broken one and sort of see the repaired one on the other side.

I had bought a used dash on the flea market a couple years ago but found that it was a newer style. The tach and Trailtech Vector fit OK but the indicator lights don't have a place to go. The indicator lights are mounted in a hole that has a square shoulder countersink and held on with circlips in the back of the dash. I didn't think I would be able to make an accurate countersink to hold the lights in. Here's the Vecto mounted. - no place to put the lights!

I decided to mount the lights with their shoulder on the surface of the dash instead of countersunk. Now the circlips won't go on. The solution was some fuel line hose clamps

The completed job looks OK but I got the speedo a little crooked. Now I even have a 12v outlet, although nothing to plug in.

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