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Ned, my experience has been:

Nate, at Dirt Tricks, manufactures the best sprockets available. You won't have problems with the counter shaft sprocket other than light rust after the coating wears off. I've replaced chains as a preventative measure but the same sprocket set has started (and won) the last three SCORE races and still doesn't show any noticeable wear.

LED lights haven't evolved to the point that I'd run them exclusively; great flood light and terrific from the standpoint of amperage draw and reliability but they don't throw light far enough for high speed racing. Be careful of those "very bright" lights too, they tend to flatten terrain making it harder to read the surface changes. Test, test, test!!!

Best of luck my friend. You may be a Dakar rookie but you, better than most, know what it takes to succeed. I'll live vicariously through you and follow every stage with anticipation....just wish I could go too.

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