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Originally Posted by AZ-Twin View Post
Thanks for asking.

That tail bag looks big, but it is really not that heavy as it has my sleeping bag, tent, Thermarest pad, camping pillow, and first aid kit (big zip lock full of bandages) in it. Plus smaller stuff like camping stove, fuel, mini lantern, and a few other things. I can post my packing list if you like.

I used pretty much everything I brought except for all the tools, but, you never know, as the report goes on you will see where I used some tools.

I will change my type of camping stove. I brought a small one that uses little butane/propane bottles, but Kevin brought a MSR that uses white gas, I am switching to that type as it works much better, and It will use the same fuel as the bike.

I did bring a bike lock cable that I could use to lock up my helmet and jacket if i needed to, but I didn't use it.

I think the biggest issue on a trip like this with several days of camping is laundry. I need to switch to all synthetics, socks, undies, and tee shirts. I only did laundry once, and later in the trip I tossed some dirty cloths as they were stinking up my right pannier. I had food and clean cloths in one pannier, and tools and dirty cloths in the other.

The bike looks over loaded, but really it was not that heavy, jsut bulky, and it handeled pretty good as I had my suspension guy take into account 60LBS (27KG) of luggage.

I am always refining my packing list, but I will also always bring too much stuff, unless I need all my tools and spares, and that would suck. I had no flats, but no way I would have not taken my spare tubes, irons, parch kit, and compressor.

What would I do different, don't bring bike lock, use different stove, all synthetic cloths and do laundry more often.

How much smaller would the pack be, just slightly, and perhaps a couple LBS lighter, but not much.
Thanks Rob, that's good information.
I just did a week long trip on my X CH and I also dumped some stinky clothes and I totally agree with the synthetic clothing and I will be switching to that as well.
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