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Monday the 25th
Jesse is putting his bike back together, this is a pretty common thing with him. He kept it running and never held us back.

We leave the lake and start for the river fords. First we have to get to Seneca. I have a flat on the front of my bike. Jeff bends the front rim on his bike.

Ryan has more problems with his gas tank cap gasket, this started on Sunday. We get to Seneca at 4:00 pm. Ryan takes apart his tank and cleans the old gasket stuff out and refuels. Now Seneca is only half way to where we need to be. The decision to bypass some of the route is made.

We WILL ride the fords, that is a must do for the group. We beat cheeks down to the 1st one. John is so worked up for it that I stopped to gather everyone up and get ready to take pictures, and John just goes for it, so no pictures of John. Everyone made it across all right.

[ I hope to post my videos when I figure out how to embed it.]

Jeff made us a little worried on his attempt. I will see if I can post my video of it.

Down to the next ford. We had to make a decision on what to do. Most wanted to camp there as it is a great site. I believed it prudent to cross because if someone went down we had all night to fix it, in the morning not so much. Ernie made the decision for us he said I am not waiting I want this over with. They asked if he wanted to watch me cross first and he said yes and away we went.




Again 7 for 7 no problems. Another decision to ride until 7:30 pm or the 1st good campsite as we were trying to get back on schedule.

We then found a great site with water again and it was close to 7:30 so it worked. We are picked up and getting ready to leave in this picture.

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