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Is there anyone who might be willing to post some pictures and updates during Thur, Fri and maybe a few on sat during the V2R race? I can easily send pictures and some text via my phone, but it's not so easy to post them into a thread (at least I haven't figured out an easy way). I was hoping someone might be able to let me fire some emails with pictures to their private address and then they could dump them on here somewhat real time.

I've been rowing a lot on the rowing machine. Having real motorcycle handlebars on there instead of the standard narrow grip makes a big difference in how my back feels sore after the session. If definitely feels more like a post hard ride sore with the wider bars.

I also got the wheels set up with the Bib Mousse's this weekend. I built a changing stand with allthread and some concrete I had lying around and with the help of my son we had both wheels done (old off, lubed mousse in, new on, wheels trued and spokes torqued in less than an hour). He did however, ask why I was sweating so much as we were trying to get the rear tire all of the way back on. I told him the sweats helps lube the bead and helps the last bit slide over the rim. He didn't buy it for a second, but still kept a firm grip on the third tire iron. He's still a little guy, but I couldn't have gotten the job done as easily without him.

My homejob stand

One tire set ready to go for Vegas

I'm doing some final testing this week with a minor teardown on the bike next weekend to get the final build ready by next Sunday or so.
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