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I'm not so sure if that is normal for the new 1200. Many have reported the 11xx's over heating but I have yet to read one report of a 1200 over heating. Myself personally I have ridden my bike through Kansas City in 110 degree heat. The traffic was stop and go for over 50 miles and it took 3 hours to cover that distance. My RID never even moved from the normal heat measurement.
I honestly don't know what to think about this. I find it inconceivable that running at such slow speed for so long in such hot weather wouldn't change the engine temperature, but this isn't the first time I've read this kind of anecdote. Personally I'd wonder if maybe the temp gauge/sensor/computer had a problem if it didn't climb at all under those conditions. Seems downright impossible, and begs the question - if that's how the cooling system was designed - to be so efficient regulating the engine temperature no matter what, then why even have a temp gauge? Seems like it would have been good enough to have no temperature indicator other than an idiot light set to come on when you're riding somewhere *really* hot (like the surface of the sun?).

I've got a 2010 R1200GSA and just got back from a week ride through BC, Alberta, Montana, Idaho and Washington - average daytime temperatures were over 30C with a high of 37C one day (that's 98F for those of you below the border :)), and here's what I've seen - as long as I run at highway speeds my bike temp gauge stays at 4 bars. If I slow down somewhat when it's that hot outside, it easily goes to 5 bars. If I'm in stop and go traffic or even have to sit through more than two lights in the city, even if the weather is cool (like 18C/65F), the gauge rapidly climbs to 6 bars.

When I first got the bike I was concerned about how quickly it would heat up in slow traffic, but I've never seen more than 6 bars (or oil temp warning light), or had any performance issues, so I stopped worrying about it. But from everything I've read in this and previous temp related threads it does seem there's a fair bit of variability with the temperature readings from one bike to the next. That's the only way I can make sense of these different experiences and am convinced this is the one time "they all do that" doesn't apply.
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