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Monday 25th July 2011

The dust was so thick the previous night running into camp we all decide to space out a bit more the next day. Nobody has gotten lost and our system of each rider waiting for the guy behind him at each turn has been working well.

The day holds some fantastic riding for us, there are fast smooth gravel sections that are ideal for power-sliding. I'm no expert by and means at doing this but I have enough time to figure out the road surface the bike and my own capabilities to have a riot. The day is hot and we lose some time, James gets a puncture and we stop longer that we should have done in Seneca just recuperating.

Whilst James fixes his puncture, Jeff decides his contribution should be to play with the inner tube.

We decide to skip a short section out of Seneca and rejoin the OBDR a little further up so that we can make up some time. We all agree the water crossings are a must. They can't be missed. Riding down to the water section is some of the best riding of the trip, a mud section with deep ruts, rocks and a freshly dead cow that I see out of the corner of my eye as a fly past. I spend the next mile or so wondering which of my friends could have hit a cow hard enough to kill it. Deer, squirrels, chipmunks, bugs, butterfly’s and even a bat I have seen. But a dead cow? Right before the cow I saw a lot of dust, and John is the rider ahead of me. I figure it must have been John.

When we get to the first river crossing we discuss the cow. Apparently nobody hit the cow, the cow was already dead, right in the middle of the OBDR. The cow must have been dead a few days because apparently it smells really bad. I didn't smell the cow because I must have been going too fast.

Despite the first river crossing being a great capsite, we decide to make the river crossing tonight even though it's getting fairly late. If we are going to have to empty an engine of water we may as well have the evening to work on it rather than lose half a day tomorrow.

There is some intrepidation about the first river crossing, the 'wiser' members of the group make their way across quickly before the cameras come out.

Ryan crosses in style

Jeff goes for it

But, the water preesure against that monster tank turns him sideways, john wades in quickly to help out. I don't have to bacuase I am taking the official pictures.

James doesn't have to because he is sitting "fetchingly" upon the river bank (this one is for you Lynette);

John helps Jeff get going again. He is strong as a bull is John and I'm still half wondering if that doesn't still have something to do with the dead cow.

Jesse goes for the first water crossing like a mad-man.

We are all across the first river-crossing and nobody has dropped their bike.

A few miles later comes the next river crossing, despite this being deeper and longer we all nail it.



Ryan has had a grubby day;

We're tired after the river crossings and stop short of our intended campsite. We just camp by the side of the road but again this is one of the best campsites. There is running water pumped into a hollowed out log (in the middle of nowhere!) and a good place for a fire.

John prepares his Mountain House Beef stew, the "River Queen" is very happy to have made it to camp without drowning his bike (I bet his socks are wet though).

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