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Test Ride

Took the SL350 out for a test ride yesterday and for the most part the changes have been positive. It feels just a little bit lighter, the throttle response is cripser, the rear brake is more functional and the rear shocks felt better.

On the down side of the changes, it did feel like I need more preload in the rear springs and will be talking to Alex at Konflict today for advice on that, and then the really big concern was that when I practiced some starts, the bike would bog badly about three feet after launching. Hoping it is just the float level, will tear down the carbs to readjust and try again. If all else fails I can put the CV's back on, but if there is any way to get the bike to launch properly with the slide carbs I'd prefer to keep them.

One thing I did discover was that until after the races next Sunday, I'll need to stay off of my modern ride, a TTR 250. When I got off of the TTR yesterday and got on the 350, it felt tiny and strange!

The to-do list is getting smaller, still need; new on-off toggle switch (the one that came with the harness is glitchy), float adjustment, rear spring pre-load, repair mounting screw for RH valve adjust cover, measure alternator output and possibly pair up the output wires (tip as found on, possibly change air filters (the new ones were for the CV's and don't fit, will have to see if the correct sized small ones can be found quickly or just use what I have) and last but not least the possible installation of a chain tensioner. I have one that will work but will need to fabricate a mount and weld to swing arm, just depends on how time goes the rest of the week.
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