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Originally Posted by 1fastjunebug View Post
Probably a dumb question, but why did you put a filter on the line that goes to/from the tank?

Part # ??

Doesn't this line carry fumes and overflow raw gasonline from the tank?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Great thread and pictures, thanks ever so much.

Perhaps you are addressing this to me.... With the CC gone.....air going into the tank to relieve spend fuel......need to be filtered....imho. No need to put more gunk in the injectors..... They are having a hard time enough with the pump corrosion from ethanol. If the bike tips over ....fuel will be turned off by the " tip over shut off valve ...located on the top of the tank....where the line departs. Vapor expansion will be relieved via the check valve.....( arrow pointing towards the tank)....which also serves as a liquid blocker.....don`t ask me.....but I tried to push water through it..... could`nt......only vapor....after about 5 psi diff. So I installed said check valve back in the filter. I have a little saturation under the filter.....but nothing to be worried about.... Bought the filter at an automotive store for under $7....US$.

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