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[QUOTE=kpavey;16584939]Guys greetings again - has anyone thought to use a coil (primary side) as a VSS pulse pickup? I've been told by BMW that the K1200S (sorry don't have a GS!) despite having the same GPS connector on it as the GS's (with TTA on Pin 2), it doesn't work. I've measured it and could only read about 11mV at 100km/h. I doubt this is enough to reliably trigger the VSS

I can tell you for sure it works great on my GS. If the plug on the K bikes serves the same GPS function as the R bikes it should work for them as well. I am NOT an electrical garoo. I hooked my Rostra up to a power supply along side the bike with only a ground hooked to the bike itself and tested it first with the 3 prong plug under the beak. Set the dip switches to the lowest gain setting and 6000 pulses per mile, the VSS signal I believe is square wave. That said read the McCruise instructions, if I remember right it uses pulses off the stick coils.
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