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I have a piece of paper that states that I am an Engineer. It doesn't state that I need to have knowledge of the English Language – I am pretty sure it was a pre-requisite at my Technical College that you almost failed English in School (a requirement I handily met).
I have read one or two stories on this here interwebs, and I am a impressed with both the artistic manner in which these tales of badassery are woven, as well as the photographic talent that is displayed amongst the posters here. Your stories are jaw dropping, and the photos eye-opening.
I hope that you don't mind me sharing this space with you as I reveal my brilliance in these fields as well. Which is to say I have none.

Did I mention that I am not a photo person and don't normally pack a camera?

So, I can only hope that my lack of talent at most things will be overcome by the fact that I have a spare piece of 2x4 behind me so your balls won't touch the bitumen. If you have a few minutes in your day when your boss thinks you are working, throw a leg over and I’d welcome you to vicariously visit these places that I will provide neither photographic or poetic justice to. Just hold on tight – I generally prefer to make up for my lack of talent or organization with an extra helping of stupidity and exuberance.
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