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minor problem overcome

First post but have been lurking and getting great information from this site. By the way, thanks to all the regulars who have helped me so much with making my new 640 Adv. a much better bike.

Ordered Wings silencer and found same problem as Gerg. Connector pipe didn't want to fit. Called Andrew to see if he knew how Gerg had resolved the problem - no information. Went back out to the barn and checked with micrometer: new connector pipe slightly ovoid in shape at upstream end. Can't remember the exact dimensions but not much.

Grabbed the special tool from the toolbox - two pieces of wood and the bmfh (large hammer) and proceeded to make the intake end of the connector pipe a little more round. Being careful not to pound the pipe into a shiny metal pancake, I really don't know if the special tool made much difference but the situation was improved.

Followed up with dremel tool on inside of connector pipe and outside of exhaust pipe. Took a little effort to put the two together but they fit together snugly. Finished jetting carb, airbox mods, etc. and took her for a ride in the mountains Sunday.....What a difference!

Anyway, there may be a tolerance issue on some bikes and Andrew probably needs to look into the manufacture of the connector pipes but the issue was easily resolved and I really like the new pipe. Thanks to Andrew for responding so well and offering to return the pipe or send additional coonectors to try.
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