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So yeah.
I really should get this info down before I completely forget it.

Us morons got together last weekend and got stupid drunk
and played with BP's R5. We started out in good stride anyway.
I'm trying to remember what we figured out... Still seized, but a
block of wood and a BFG on the pistons got some movement. Still,
the kick won't budge. Nor could we get it to shift. He is missing the
shifter of course. We tried vice grips, but couldn't get a good purchase
without totally buggering the shaft. We even yanked a shifter off an
80s XS, but it didn't fit - maybe it would, the diameter looked alright,
and if they were both my parts, I woulda smashed it on. But it was BPs
bike and some other guy's shifter. So we left it at that.

Found out his rear brake linings are missing
That was pretty funny. We spent too long trying to adjust the damn
thing before we thought to pull it off and see what's going on in
there. Not a trace.

What else did we do?
We pulled the right side cover. Plastic gears? I've never heard
of such a thing. Did I see 2? To the left and right of the clutch
basket? What is it, like a shear pin?

After that, BP said fuck it and wanted to pull the motor. But then
the pizza showed up and after that the whiskey showed up. And
then I'm really not sure.

The next morning we weighed his bike, and then realized neither
of us had anything to do that day, so hey, let's drive 2 hours and
weigh my bike. Alright. (see above nerd).

And occasionally we remembered to take a picture.

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