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Originally Posted by dunerat View Post
im sure i got some stuff to donate.what is this for anyhoo??
hey you all good PPs, do you remember the fund raising dakar night for simon and lisa?

bad news! simon got in accident, but good to hear he will be ok.

Originally Posted by simon thomas View Post
Evening all,

well, my leg is throbbing and my ribs aren't feeling clever but the discomfort is worth it having just spent the day amongst a local hill tribe here in Malaysia. I'll post some photos soon.

It was a geat way to leave the headache of pain med's and bike fixing behind if just for a little while. So back that subject, thanks to everyone for you advice and support. Lets kick this off properly with a little '2RTW Video', yep keeping with her good form Lisa made sure to photograph and video my during my time of pain and angst . She apologises to you blood thirsty lot that she didn't get a photo of me actually under the Hilux, but considering the driver moved the vehicle whilst I was still under it, pretty damn quick I think we can forgive her! Here's what happened...

OK, for those that want to know the sad and gory truth, here's what we're looking at trying to sort for the bike, by the way I'm two very large gins into the post, which is mixing well with the pain med's

We used the online micro ficshe at ASCycles website to turn up these number. Basically all the parts we need should be for an 2002 R1150GS ADV

These are our notes and I'm too tired to pretty the notes up so I hope they make sense?

Some of these numbers cover R1100RT/R1100GS/R1150GS and R1150GSA. Must make sure when ordered that the correct bike part is requested – ie don’t leave it to any dealer as your bike is all sorts of bikes!!!

51162313530 right mirror R1100GS $69.22 (The mirror should be the same as the 1150GS ADV)
61312306178 electrical for R1100rt...check it out. $181.81..??? don’t think correct.
11121342684 R1100gs/1150GS cylinder head. $653.12 check if your year R1150gsadv is same.....
32712331876 HIGH HANDLEBAR F HEATER HAND for R1100gs $299.37..?? where are the actual handlebars on this list??

31422314505 fork head upper (needs to be stipulate which model 1100-1150 or GSA etc) $580.05
31422338223 fork bridge (stipulate which model ie 1150 or GSA) $478.25
31427661689 fork slider (stipulate which model ie 1150 or GSA) $584.38, we need both sliders or buy a complete set of front forks and be done with it and just transplant them onto the 1150GS ADV!!!
31427661890 no such number...?

46512314698 front frame ?? more than in Malaysia? But AB state –Schwartz? And A&S says BMW oem $795.26

46632328688 fairing bracket $124.77

46632328866 panel carrier (stipulate which model) $162.02

46617666021Fender Tip from 1150GS Adventure $229.25
Question….is this the black tip or the whole beak or what..?? where is the beak on this list? The black beak extender we still have from the wreck we can re-use it! 63122306963 no such number?

63122306962 no such number?

13541342495 throttle body (if you choose the R1100GS it only states left Throttle for this number) $544.40
13541342496 throttle body right $325.60
46712314762 foot peg plate right $74.69
36317690959 spoke wheel front (no specification as to what bike) $1277.29 but think this is the HP2. We need an HP2 ri and then get it re-spoked to a 1150GS hub by Woody!

61317710224 also tried 61817710224 no such number. ?

46712310404 foot rest right $43.68 (much more in USA than in Malaysia??)

46717687107 spacer left $2.36

46712310401 foot peg rubber $10.28

subTotal USD $ 5158.51
plus 4 parts not found at estimated cost (MYR) of $ 2056.51


To make sense of this I'm actually taking photos and compiling those images into a doccuent, which I'll then post in order to better identify the parts we need. But as you can see the fact that the front frame is cracked shows you how hard i hit the Hilux.

Again, thanks to you all for your concern and best wishes. OK I'm off to bed


i have left over prizes from another event, 3 smith goggles and couple of tools which i will bring, plus some others stuff.

eric (fudgypup) and i will post the details later.
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