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Getting closer.....

Have been working on the bike every night, trying to figure out why it was so boggy when doing my second gear starts and last night finally figured it out. Since the last post, I had torn the slide carbs back apart, re-cleaned and readjusted and when test rode was no better. Then I gave up on the slide carbs and put the CV carbs back on and still no change. Talked to my buddy Brian about what was changed or different since the last race and decided I needed to put the original coils back on that we had ran at PIR. While I had it apart, I went ahead and installed the new toggle switch and made the kill switch fully functional. Got it back together about 8 PM last night, rode it and still no change. Grrrr.

So even though I had just put in new points before the PIR race and felt comfortable about their adjustment and timing, decided to pull the points cover and have a look. As it turns out, the points gap HAD closed up and correspondingly the timing was off as well. I believe the points had closed up because I had failed to use the points lobe grease causing excess wear. My bad!

Went thu the process of resetting the gaps and timing using my continuity tester as a"buzz box" to check when the points open and was getting errratic results, so decided to go really old school and set the points with a piece of paper, just like we did it back in the 70's. You insert a piece of thin paper into the points and slowly roll the engine thru it's firing marks (as indicated on the stator) and while maintaining a gentle tug on the paper, it will slowly release when they first start to open or "fire". When I was satisfied the gap and timing were on target, I put the covers back on and fired it up and it sounded very responsive, more like what I was expecting. By then it was pitch black out, so will have to ride tonite to verify success but am fairly confident it's fixed.

At this point if the test ride goes ok, I'm going to leave the CV carbs on and can experiment with the slide carbs over the winter. Still left to go; petcock seals and gaskets (should be in today at Forest Grove Honda), rear spring pre-load (have some nice 1/4" aluminum spacers made by my friend Schooner at Laser Cutting Services) and chain tensioner.
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