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A couple of my ADV friends had told me to get the Backroad mapbook for Vancouver Island if I was going to do any logging road adventures and I'd picked it up the day before. This was my first time on logging roads and the first time using this kind of mapbook (I know, I'm such a noob, right) so I missed everything I thought I would stop and see Next time I'll know to make a list of the km markers where I want to stop
Any way, I headed out into the wilderness on the Gordon River Main

There were lots of single-lane bridges but this one gave me the willies - it spanned an abyss One of those cases where all I could do was look straight ahead - if I'd looked down I'd never get across. Nah, heights don't bother me - much

Yeah, that's the view from the bridge. I parked on the far side and walked back out. Why does it never look as scary in pictures?

I stopped here to climb down and enjoy the water but I no sooner got off the bike when I was swarmed by clouds of mosquitoes! Hmmmm, guess I shoulda added bug spray to the camping kit.

I jumped back on the bike and high-tailed it before Joe was carried off to their lair and I suffered major blood loss.

There's a logging show on top of that rock - that turquoise thing is a big donkey engine.

I just thought this was cool-looking.

The Gordon River Main comes out at Honeymoon Bay on Lake Cowichan.

We stopped for cold drinks and bug spray

Looking north across Lake Cowichan to the hamlet of Youbou. Know why it's not a village? No idiot.

Leaving Lake Cowichan I headed west out the Nitinat Main road. I left the sun at Honeymoon Bay.

Nitinat Main also takes you to Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park, home to some of the largest trees in Canada and the world. A few years back Carmanah was the site of conflict between environmentalists and loggers - the fact that the trees are still standing and it's now a park should tell you who came out on top that time.

BC rainforest

That's fake pavement - the road crews just oil the gravel to keep down the dust and it packs hard. At least the rain kept down the dust this time.

And here we are in Bamfield Time to find a campsite We'll see if Joe likes tenting.

Cougar tracks
The initial pawprints
The blind date
A Cougar goes racing
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