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Ender, LOVIN' this RR!

Had posted a thread back in the Spring looking for a little 'Rockies Local Knowledge' and it seemed like EVERYONE was telling me I had to wait til LATE July or even August because they had had over 400" of snow last Winter. So I'm curious --- even though you had to pass on a few Passes, it seems like you still had one Helluva good time, plenty of options, and looks like some great weather to boot... What were your typical day-time and night temperatures (once you beat the TX & NM heat) and what time-frame seems the best to you???

My expected trip to 'rado looks like it'll have to wait until next year, but I am greatly encouraged by your RR that it looks like I can jump on it in June --- waiting almost another year is going to kill me --- maybe shaving off a month or two off of that wait makes it just a tad bit easier.

Again, LOVIN' your report (and all of your RR's to-date...)!
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